Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Social Network

Last night i went to a movie with my PLN class that was called "The Social Network". The movie is about a guy named Mark Zuckerberg that goes to Harvard. while he was at harvard he created two websites. One was called "facemash" (i think it was really a different name, but the movie used that one) and the other one was "the facebook", which later became known as "Facebook." In the movie Mark appointed he best friend Edwardo the co-finder of facebook. he also meets up with Shaun Parker, the creator of Napster. Shaun finds out about facebook and goes and meets Mark and Edwardo in person. Then shaun gets Mark to move to California. Shaun ends up getting busted by the police at a party he was having at Mark's/his house with Cocaine and with minors. After that Mark thinks about kicking Shaun out of the company, but doesn't and Shaun ends up owning 7% of facebook and Edwardo ended up owning 34% of the company and Mark owns 63% (I could be wrong). Facebook is in over 207 countries and has over 5 million members using it to this day. Facebook has be sued 5 times since it was launched on the internet about 7 years ago.

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  1. that movie looked really interesting! im jealous that you guys got to go! :( i think my class is going to see it sometime soon. oh and good job blogging about the movie!