Monday, October 18, 2010

Field Trip to DMACC

Last Friday I went on a field trip with my small engines teacher and my class. We went to DMACC for the day. When we got there we had to take a 100 question test on "how to take apart,fix,put together,and clean engines." the test was kinda hard and almost know one tried on it. After the test all the students got to walk around the campus, they also got to look at new cars and their engines. We got the eat lunch there too, for lunch we had hamburgers,brats,chips,and pop/water. After lunch there was a drawing to win prizes (No one from our school won, but one student caught a hackie sack). Then the class went to a presentation at DMACC about engines and different kinds of oils and gases. Then we went and looked at more engines. On our way home we got to stop at a Dirt bike, ATV, Motorcycle shop for a while. When we got back to school it was around 2 P.M. It was around 7th hour so I went to my PLN class with Mrs.Miller.



  1. Hi, I'm a student from Burlington high School in Burlington Mass, that trip sounds like fun, but what is the DMAAC? Also, do you play any sports?

  2. DMACC is a college here in Iowa...and i used to play sports the sports i played were basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, soccer, football