Monday, September 27, 2010


This blog is going to be about Juxio, what it is and what i thought about it.

 Well to start off Juxio is a website where you can make a project/slidshow and share it with other people around the world, you can also get a URL for it and put in on other sites like Facebook or Twitter. Then if a friend or family member see the link they can click on it and see the creation that you made on Juxio.

In this paragraph I'm going to tell you what i thought of Juxio. Ok so when i first started using Juxio i thought it was kinda dumb, but as i started using it more and more i started to like it more and more. i first started using Juxio in my Personal Learning Network (PLN) class this year. As i learned about Juxio and how to use it, I have made a number of projects / slideshows for many different things.

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